Friday, December 5, 2014

A Christmas Carol Graphing Freebie

So we meet again!

It's me Christy from Crayons and Whimsy... and if you missed my first post on this lovely blog well you can read my "Meet Me" post right {here}

December has begun and it is just so hard. Right? Where should I focus my attention? On assessments? Eating chocolate? Report Cards? Holiday shopping? Teaching? Watching Elf?

Oh that's right.....

The answer is ALL of the above plus more!

So I wish us all luck to make it.

Today I am sharing a simple December math activity. I love to send this one home, but it works in class too.

It is a Christmas Carol Graph! We gather data about everyone's favorite carol and graph it.

I make a big deal about the gathering part.... I tell them...when you get home you need to talk with your parents about WHO will be your ten people to gather this important data from. And I suggest they are the ones to make that phone call {with an adult right there of course!}

I always push for family... because let's be honest, how much does a grandparent love getting the, "What is your favorite Christmas Carol call?" 

Here is a little sample action for you!
Primary Powers Crayons Whimsy Christmas Carol Graph
Now I need to switch gears for a minute... Can we talk about how much I adore the song Must Be Santa. Love it!!! 

It was brought to my attention that not everyone knows this one. What? How can this be? {It may account for the one sad bar colored in the above sample....probably from my vote!}

So two things:
1. Please listen to this song- I recommend that Raffi version. 
2. I provide ANOTHER VERSION with Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Don't even tell me you don't know that one!

It's ALL FREE right here:
Primary Powers Crayons Whimsy Christmas Carol Graph Teachers Pay Teachers

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P.S. It's Friday.... you made it to the first Friday in December! I am in serious countdown mode. Serious.
As in... I own this:
Christmas sign Colvie Creations

My sweet friend Renee at Colvie Creations made it for me and I think I need to ask her to make me a new one that counts down the days to Christmas break. Yeah, Christmas Day is pretty special, don't get me wrong... but a countdown to days in school could work well for me right about now.

Good luck and enjoy the weekend!

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