Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Keeping It All Together-Absent Folders

Keeping up with absent work can be a pain for students AND teachers...can I get an amen?? I spent my first years teaching trying to figure out a system that really worked and kept my students organized and accountable for all the missed work. So obviously, Pinterest came to my rescue. It was filled with fabulous ideas and pictures of teachers using absent folders! Thank goodness for Pinterest!
absent folders
Today’s freebie is set of covers for your absent folders. All you have to do after assembling these bad boys, is simply place the absent folder on the student’s desk. Just slip their worksheets and missed work inside the folder all day long! I like to make it even MORE simple by having a student helper be in charge of passing out the folders at the beginning of the day. EASY-PEASY! When the student returns from his/her absence, they meet with me for a few mins and go over what they need to complete and how much time they have to turn it in. I usually let them have one day extra for each day they missed in class.

Are you ready to get organized?! Just click on any of the image below to grab your set!
Absent Folders

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  1. Great freebie! THANKS! I usually just leave work on desks for students to complete the next day. A folder will be a nice way to organize the work! :)

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