Friday, December 19, 2014

Let it Snow! Parent Gift Idea

Hi everyone! It's Jeannine from Creative Lesson Cafe

 What a rush December always is! Aren't we lucky to have some wonderful vacation time to look forward to? After so much Christmas crafting in the classroom, I can bet the LAST thing on your mind right now is another project! However, this is one that you may want to *save* for a great parent gift idea for any time of year!

 I'm here today to share one that I just LOVE! I hope you will too!

When I find a cute craft for my students to make as a gift for their parents, I stick with it! One of my favorites is decorating wooden frames. It's an inexpensive, sweet gift that parents adore and actually display!

This frame design can stay out all winter long.

I use these unfinished wooden frames from Michael's.
They are only about $1.00 each!
 The creative possibilities are endless.
 I've painted them with my class for Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts too.

We begin with a single layer base coat of acrylic paint on the front and the edges.
On the back, the students write their name and the year in Sharpie.

The next step is to do a little sponge painting with white paint.
We blotted the frame, but also twirled the sponge for a snowstorm effect.

Using a Martha Stewart tool, I punched snowflakes from white cardstock.

The students arranged their snowflakes and pressed them into a light coat of glossy Mod Podge.
 I helped them spread the Mod Podge over the snowflakes to be sure they were sealed and did not bend. They spread a final coat over the entire frame to blend it all.

Then it was time for the best part...adding fairy dust!
This is actually a beautiful embossing powder.

 We sprinkled the powder over the snowflakes before the adhesive dried.
 After that, we quickly added a light dusting of clear glitter over the entire frame.

  These plastic glitter bows came from Big Lots.
  I love the way they shine! 
They are hot glued onto the corner.

This year, I had the childrens' holiday photos developed in black and white.
It looks SO nice with the silver bow!

My kiddos are thrilled with the way their beautiful snowy window frames turned out!
 Oh, I wish you could stop by to see how they sparkle in person!

 I sure hope you will be able to file this project idea away! 
It's a keeper!

  Thanks for stopping by today friends!
Wishing everyone a very joyous holiday and a restful vacation!


  1. Those are gorgeous. I am definitely filing this one away. Thanks for sharing! Jodi

    1. Thank you Jodi! They did turn out especially pretty this year! I hope you can give the frames a try some time. They are always a big hit with the parents! :)

  2. Love Love Love this idea!! I have a student this year that does not celebrate holidays and what a perfect idea!! Its a gift everyone can do that is not Christmasy :-) Definitely saving this idea!!! Thank you for sharing :-)

    1. Hi Karen! I usually have a student(s) that do not celebrate Christmas as well, so this idea works perfectly for everyone. By the time our frames make it home and the students give it to their parents, Christmas is over! With having a snowy frame the gift can stay out and be enjoyed for a quite a while. I teach in Michigan, so we have a very LONG winter! :)
      I'm so glad you have found a new idea here!

  3. What a beautiful idea. Love it. I bet your parents are thrilled with this thoughtful gift. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  4. We don't often get to enjoy feedback on projects that the students make as gifts, but I have actually had parents take the time to write to say how much they loved their frames! Isn't that sweet?

    Merry Christmas Shannon! So glad you stopped by!

  5. LOVE these! Filing for next year--thanks for sharing.