Sunday, December 7, 2014

Student Christmas Gift Idea

Hi everyone! It's Angela from Hippo Hooray for Second Grade. How many days do you have left before Winter Break? We go all the way to December 23rd, and there is SO much to do from now until then! I alway seem to be in panic mode a few days before we leave to get my student gifts together. I always give my kiddos a book from Scholastic, but a few years ago, I upped my game and gave them this as well:

It's a box of crayons and a note pad tied together with a little sign I made that says "May your days be merry and bright!"What kid doesn't love new crayons and a little notebook? I was thinking ahead this year, and I scooped up all the crayons and notebooks I needed during the Back to School season, so I only paid $12 for a class set of notebooks and crayons! NICE!! This year I revamped the label I'm going to put on all my gifts, so now they'll have this on the front:
Want this? Click here to grab this freebie :)

Only 2ish more weeks until Winter Break. Hang in there, Friends!!

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