Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Traditions in the Classroom

Hello, hello!  This is Sarah Kirby from Permanently Primary!

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love traditions.  I like trying new things, but there's something so heartwarming and comforting about things that have been around for a while.  Our grade level (1st grade) has certain Christmas crafts that have been around a long time.  I had to ask around today to find out how long we've been doing these Christmas traditions.  One teacher said she's been doing them ever since she started teaching at our school (this is her 24th year).  Another teacher, who has been there for 30 years, said they haven't done them the entire time she's been teaching.  That means these traditions have been happening between 25 and 30 years!  25-30 years of doing the same hallway decorations in 1st grade at our elementary building.  Here are some pictures of the ways we decorate our hallway during the holidays.  :)

Each student makes a large candle with their name on it.  I use 12"x18" red construction paper and cut it in half (long ways).  Then we have a template for the greenery at the bottom that they trace and cut out.  I just cut out a yellow flame by hand and they glue it.  Then they use glue to write their name and we put gold glitter on it.  We all tape them to the bottom of the walls in the hallway.  The entire hallway is lined with candles!

Another tradition is a little handwriting craft.  The students copy a poem on lined paper and then cut it out in the shape of an ornament.  They glue it to colored construction paper and add some glitter to the outline.

The final tradition is for each student to make a paper chain.  All of this is taped to the walls in the hallway for everyone to enjoy as they walk through!

Something new I did this year was having my students create a string of lights with the letters of their name.  They picked their colors and then wrote a letter of their first name with glue on each bulb.  We strung them together with yarn and I hung them from the lights in our classroom.

They look so amazing hanging in our classroom!  It looks so festive!

A word of advice if you try to make the string of lights: have students cut out the bulbs, then write the letters on each one, then add glitter, then string together once they are dry.  The first few I strung together first and then tried to add glitter.  I don't know what I was thinking, but it was disastrous.  Cut, glue, glitter, string!  :)

Does your school or grade level do any holiday traditions that have been around a long time?  We'd love to hear about them!

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