Thursday, December 4, 2014

I'm Telling on You!

It's been a few months at school and boy are these kiddos getting comfortable! There is definitely a lot more chatting, breaking rules, and all around annoying each other {kids annoying kids, of course!}! One of my biggest pet peeves as a teacher is tattling! It drives me bananas! And now that these kids are comfortable, A LOT of tattling is going on! 

 So, I absolutely fell in LOVE with the idea of tattle notes I learned about this summer! 
I was fortunate to head to Vegas this past summer for the amazing I Teach 1st and Teachers Pay Teachers conference.  Hands down the BEST session I attended was Pat Pavelka's Creating Independent Writers. 

One of Pat's big messages was to get kids writing! It doesn't matter if they are writing notes to friends, in their journals or even tattle notes! 

So, if a kid needs to tattle, instead of telling me, I make them write it down! I direct the kiddos to this corner when they have a problem to "throw" out! {With the extra writing involved, it certainly cuts down on a lot of tattles!}
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