Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What's the Problem? A Holiday Freebie!

I love word problems.  There I said it, I really do.  Anytime I can squeeze in some extra practice for my kiddos, I do!  I especially love tasking my students with writing their own word problems.  This encourages them to think about word problems more critically than when they simply read and solve a problem.

We recently started practicing this skill in my classroom.  So far, we have discussed and reviewed how to write a word ("story") problem.  I made this chart and we review it before the students go to write their own problems.  Once they have these steps down, I will begin to encourage them to add extra information to their problems.

When my students write their own word problems, they use these What's the Problem mini books. This is the Holiday Edition and the kids have had lots of fun writing holiday related stories the past few weeks.

 Click {here} to download a FREE copy of this mini book.

Click {here} to download this mini book for FREE!

As you can see, students write a word problem to go with the provided answer.  This can be a trickier skill than one might think.  Some students "get it" very quickly, whereas others need repeated practice with the skill before it begins to click. Either way, they seem to enjoy writing their own math stories!

I've made one for just about every month of school, and they are all available for free on my blog.  I hope you can use them!


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  1. I love your "What's the Problem" series and have every single one! You even inspired me to make a few others for my a HUGE thank you for making word problems no problem for us!