Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Christy {Crayons and Whimsy}

Hello, hello.....

You can normally find me over at Crayons and Whimsy, but I'm glad to say I will be Superhero-ing right here from time to time.

Let me share a bit about me... don't worry there isn't a quiz at the end...

I am currently teaching kindergarten, but in my 16 years I have also taught 1st, 4th and 5th. Not sure how that happened, but I have missed out on those middle grades. I have loved every grade and really have enjoyed the variety of ages and curriculum. I can't really figure out how I have been doing this gig for 16 years!?! I feel like I got my credential yesterday.

One of my years I taught in England as part of the Fulbright Teacher Exchange program {and I have blogged about that here}...let me summarize that post...I think everyone should give it a whirl!

All the rest have been in Southern California. I love living at the beach and the excessive sunshine we are blessed with.... but traveling is my passion and I will get on a plane whenever I can. Literally....whenever I can!

My hubby and I were married in France and I try to go there as much as possible. This year we may go twice if I can organize a trip for Christmas. And although Europe seems to be our most frequented continent {my hubby is Euro}..... I love South America and Asia too. Hoping to one day hit up ALL seven continents! And even more so.... I am hoping to be living AND teaching abroad again sometime soon! I just thrive being in new environments and trying new things!

I feel so lucky to have a job that I adore and love that still allows me to do all these others things I think are good for my soul. And actually that gives you a little background to how the name Crayons and Whimsy was chosen.
My most recent adventure was right here in Southern California last weekend:
Yes....Hello Kitty Con is a real thing.... first ever and I am proud to say I attended. I am not sure you can ever be too old for Hello Kitty- at least that is what I am telling myself.

Anyway, you have probably noticed a fun pattern going on here at Primary Powers.... yep, we love freebies. We love that all of you readers are visiting us my turn to deliver a treat.

I am sharing one of my favorite games I use to review number sense in my classroom. Why is it my favorite... because it is so easy...and engaging.

I call it Cover Up! You can grab it HERE

Cover up! is the perfect game for your kindergarten or first grade friends working on number recognition as well as one more or two more. The kids play in pairs taking turns rolling a die and then adding either 1 or 2 to that number {depending on which game mat you are using}
There are 4 game mats to choose from and all come in both color and black and white, too! Here's a little preview of this freebie goodness.

And if you want another Freebie there is one on my home blog right this very second PLUS a giveaway going on over there, too!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Hi Christy!
    I am teaching overseas and love it! Let me know if you ever want to visit south Asia!
    Thanks for the freebie :)
    Creating a Thoughtful Classroom

  2. Hi Christy, You and I have similar teaching backgrounds. I started in 4th and 5th grades, then went to 2nd and finally landed in Kindergarten (where I am firmly planted). I also live in Southern California but alas, I don't get to travel like you (lucky girl). Anyway, thanks for sharing your math game!