Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Super Readers!

Happy Tuesday!
It's Sarah from A Sunny Day in First Grade!

In first grade we want our kids to be readers.
We want them to LOVE reading!

With our reading series, we learn 3-6 new high frequency words a week.
Some of these words are tricky!!!!
So to make it a little more fun, I put them up by our door.

The kids have to "high five" one word any time they leave the room.
That includes trips to the nurse and the bathroom. ;)
If you forget, you have to do all of them!  :)

The kids LOVE IT!!!
It makes it fun and it's a quick and easy way to review the words throughout the day.

I've also done them in different shapes.
Here are some snowflakes from last winter!

I change the words each week and put the old ones along the bottom of my eno board. 

At the end of each unit, the kids have to do the High Five Challenge!
They had to high five EVERY WORD from the unit.

It's so quick and easy!!
Plus it's FUN! :)
My kids were begging me to be the next challenger!

After they read the words, I give them a little bookmark for being a SUPER reader!

You can grab this FREEBIE in my store! :)


  1. What a great idea. I could really see kindergarteners and first graders getting into this.

  2. This idea is great! I have seen the hand prints before, but had never thought of the other shapes! Hello di cutter~ here comes this girl!