Monday, November 3, 2014

Haley {My Silly Firsties}

Hi friends! I am SO excited to be here! This group of girls is fabulous and I am loving all the freebies so far!! 

Now for a little about me! :) I blog over at My Silly Firsties! I have been teaching first grade for 4 years, and I did a year in 3rd grade. NOT my favorite, haha. I think I would love it now but it was my first year and you know how that goes!! :) My favorite time of our day is Read-Aloud. I try to read 2-4 books everyday to them. Then they have tons of schema when we do mini lessons in Reader's Workshop or need Mentor Texts for Writer's Workshop. Plus I love hearing them laugh, make connections, and use their comprehension strategies!

Those answers are pretty self-explanatory, hahaha! :) Anytime someone visits my classroom they comment on the level of organized chaos, haha.  Sometimes they just comment on the chaos!! :) I'm a pretty laid-back teacher and my room gets pretty crazy and loud. I am also OBSESSED with chips and queso...much to the dismay of the constant diet I am on, haha. 

I have a serious Amazon problem. Last night I ordered like 12 books. It's bad. We are starting a new author study and I THOUGHT I had every Mo Willems and Oliver Jeffers book but I was wrong! I had to rectify that!! :) 

I'm married to a fabulous, supportive, and hilarious computer nerd. No one makes me laugh like my Keith does! We have a sweet puppy named Tucker that we love! You will also see tons of pictures of sweet baby brother. He's 6 years old and in kinder. And I am totally biased but the boy is a math WHIZ! I seriously can not stump him with story problems no matter how hard I try! 

Here's a few of my favorite things! I love Target, glitter, leopard print, laughing, and NAPS! 

And finally, my classroom! I believe in relationship. Every decision I make starts there. I try to build kindness, empathy, and independence in my kiddos. I also try to make everything as interactive and fun as possible :). 

And now for your freebie! We are working super hard on nouns and verbs so I made this little Super freebie for you sweet friends!! It includes a sort for your pocket chart and 2 little no-prep activities for them to practice with! :) Head on over to my TPT store to snag it! :) 

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  1. I LOVE the pics of you and your family, Haley! I wish I was a math whiz - ha! Thanks for the fab freebie!!

    ☘ Molly