Saturday, November 8, 2014

Chrissy {Buzzing with Ms B}

Hi all! I'm so excited to be blogging here at Primary Powers! It's a collaborative blog full of energetic and hard-working educators, so I'm sure it won't disappoint!

This is my first post here, so let me introduce myself! I'm Chrissy from Buzzing with Ms. B and I have a freebie for you. But don't let that keep you from reading everything between here and the freebie at the bottom!

I was a classroom teacher in fourth and third grade for nine years, and I'm now working on my third year as a Literacy Coach for a K-5 elementary school. I love working with teachers and helping them plan engaging activities and meet the needs of students. I plan and deliver trainings in a variety of areas (primarily literacy), host book studies, run school events and student groups. I love my job!

Last year I got married to a wonderful man and we live in a cozy home full of animals. We have three dogs and three cats! (Embarrassing!)

We went on the honeymoon of a lifetime to London and Rome. And thank goodness, a year later, we're still happy :)

I hope you're a frequent visitor to Primary Powers! To help you remember to keep coming back, we're offering a freebie with each of our introductory posts.

One of the important things we need to develop in our primary readers is sight word automaticity. The hard part is sight words can be pretty dull. How many times can you read a word, write a word, match a word? To help liven it up, I made a fun freebie!

If you've heard of a Bang Bag, it's kind of like that, but because super heroes are awesome, it's a BAM! Bag! You cut up all the cards and put them in the bag. Glue the directions on the front. To play, take turns drawing cards and reading words. If you read the word right, you get to keep it! If you read it wrong, put it back inside the bag. If you draw a card that says, "BAM!" you have to put all your cards back in the bag!

This freebie includes the instructions, the word list for Fry's first 100 words, instructions to glue to the front of the bag, and cards with words and the word "BAM!"

Great for printing out and sending home for practice, putting in a station, or having the class pull out for five minutes as your day is getting started!

Download it at TPT for free!

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