Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Feelin' Like a Turkey: Funnies and a FREEBIE {Jeannine}

Want a good laugh with your little turkeys just before the holiday?

Hi everyone! It's Jeannine from Creative Lesson Cafe.

 I'm here to share a favorite activity with you that is sure to bring some laughter into the classroom! It all starts with the teacher wearing a turkey hat!

I love the use of props to get my students' attention. I picked up this one for my collection at the Target Dollar Spot. So, I put on the silly hat before the lesson and just parade around for a minute. Right away, the giggles start.

Then we get serious for a while as I explain about the meaning of the phrase~feeling like a turkey... and the focus for the writing activity, but it doesn't last for long...

I don't know about you, but I have had plenty of embarrassing moments.  I always share a few of  my not-so-proud moments with my kiddos~ like the time I walked around all day with a hot roller still in my hair. They have a good crack-up over it all!

After the students have a good laugh at my expense, it's their turn to brainstorm things that have happened to them and share out if they choose. They come up with the FUNNIEST ideas and then it's my chance to have a good laugh!

We always turn these hilarious ideas into a writing piece and have them displayed somehow for parents at conferences. These pieces make for a great class book!

When I'm busy preparing for conferences, I take the work smarter approach to making books to set out for parents to browse through and just create one in a thin binder. It's SO easy to just slip in a cover and hole-punch student writing pages. I save the covers from year to year and just change out the writing for next year's class.

 So back to the activity...
After sharing time, it's photo shoot time! 
A few years back, my teammate had the great idea take a picture of each child wearing the goofy hat. It's been our second grade tradition ever since. This cute photo can be added to their writing page. The kiddos LOVE it and the parents do too! If you can't get out to find a turkey hat, a quick turkey headband made from a paper plate like in the image above will do. A turkey stuffed animal plopped on their head works as well!

If you think you might like to make a class book with your little turkeys before the holiday, you can grab this FREEBIE {here}!

It's a good thing we can all laugh at the goofy things we do. 
If you dare to share in the comments below, we'd love to giggle along with one of your embarrassing moments!

Enjoy the holiday and gobble 'till you wobble!


  1. This is so cute! I love this idea. :) I have plenty of turkey moments. ;)

  2. Super cute idea, Jeannine! Thanks for sharing it with us!