Saturday, January 3, 2015

They're Coming!!

Oh my goodness...this break has been INCREDIBLE. I am not ready for at all. We have a work day which is the best thing ever! I can spend the whole day prepping and organizing...which will be SOO helpful. It gave me the freedom to enjoy my break and not go in!! :) 

I always try to have LOTS of extra things planned for our first few days back...I never know which way the babies will go. They can come in super tired and kinda whiney...OR they can come in totally spazzed out after all that rest and 2 weeks off. You just never know with these firsties, hahah!! 

To help with that, last year I created this little writing packet for our first few days back. Over half of my babies don't celebrate Christmas so it doesn't focus on that...just winter break. :) There are several drafting and writing pages, a few graphic organizers, and a Find a Friend game. Be sure to check it out!! :) 

If you made a New Year's Resolution to be more organized, you might wanna check out my blog post! :) I'm highlighting one of my lifesavers!! My teacher binder!! Check it out by clicking on the picture. :) 

I hope you have a fabulous first week back! We can do this friends!! :) 

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