Saturday, January 24, 2015

Do You Know Your Doubles?

One of my favorite things about teaching primary students is that they're not "too cool" for music in the classroom. I have a song for EVERYTHING and my students love singing along.

Math fact fluency is never easy to learn, or teach! A couple months ago, my students were busy learning strategies to help them add and subtract fluently. One of our favorite strategies was learning our doubles facts. Of course we made up a song to go with it!

In celebration of learning our doubles facts, we made a music video. Making a music video using Power Point is very easy. Just make a slideshow, then hit record, and let your students sing away! The sound quality might not be the best, but your students won't mind one bit!

If your students are learning their doubles facts, you can snag this foldable freebie! Or, you can stop by my blog, Learning with Lizz, and read more about my class' double fact learning {HERE}.

How do you use music in your classroom? I'd love to read about your ideas!

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