Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year, New Goals!

Hello Super Friends, 
Happy New Year! I hope 2015 is treating you well so far and I wish you all happiness, health, love, and a little fun! Actually, a lot of fun! Let's make it the MOST fun you've ever had!

As many of us go back to work this week, we bring along personal and work resolutions we would like to implement in 2015. For me, it's all about taking a step back. 
It's time to TRY and worry less about work and go home earlier! 

My specific work goal is to fit in more guided reading time. I do meet with my students for guided reading and my resource teacher meets with my struggling readers quite often for GR, however, I want to make this a priority. Guided reading is an important practice that has AMAZING results and it is definitely worth the effort and time. 

In order to be ACCOUNTABLE for these resolutions I am taking my good friend Valerie's advice (All Students can Shine) and setting an alarm for a reasonable time to leave work. Even if I need five more minutes to finish something up, I must set it aside for the next day and get on out of there! She's a toughie, she'll be checking up on me! Great friends are good to have!

As for my guided reading goal, I have decided to track how many times I meet with groups and what books we read together during that block. Here is what it looks like.

We happened to be working on using our finger detective that week! 

I use this because sometimes a week can go buy and I haven't done any guided reading. This serves as a reminder that I need to get on that! It's also a great way to remember the books we've read AND a great way to measure progress from month to month.

You can grab a free copy of this basic chart right over HERE!
You can also check out my Goal Tracking freebie right HERE!

I use this to plan out specific goals that I am working towards. I'm a list person. Writing things down really helps me stay focused and on top of things. It also ensures that I don't completely forget! Let's face it, we have so much going on that it's easy to forget a lot of things!

I hope these little organization tools are helpful to you and don't be shy to let us know what some of your 2015 goals are in the classroom!

Until next time...

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