Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy New Year Headbands!

Happy New Year all you super teachers out there! 
Re-entry has been a little difficult this week, huh? 
I know some of you lovelies out there had this week off as well.
 I hope you soaked up every last pajama wearing, 
binge tv watching moment of your vacation!

In order to ease the kids (and their poor teacher)
back into the reality of work and school we started off
our week with some big time fun!!
Of course there was learning, writing and math involved as well!
I'm sneaky like that {wink}.
We have this adorable front with 
this graphic that I am in love with by Educlips!
Another front shot because this girl did an amazing job!
Check out those outfits!

Then on each side of the hat we did a little writing about our resolutions.
One side we wrote about a home resolution and one side is a school resolution.
Depending on the age and level of your students 
you could have them draw instead of write their resolutions. 

On the back we have the numbers for the year!
On the template they are out of order 
so the student have to organize them correctly. 

Simply adhere all the pieces onto a piece of oaktag or a sentence strip.
 I had some old borders I used. 
And voila! You have a fun accessory to wear for the day.
I love primary grades because they are so easy to please!

Grab all the pieces for this project HERE!
I wish you all a wonderful and bright 2015!!
Maybe your resolution this year will be to read my blog A Burst of First!

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  1. Love the headbands! The link to it takes you to a different download, though. Could you link up the headbands? Thanks!