Monday, January 5, 2015

Celebrating Winter As We Head Back to School

So it's Monday.....

And not only is it Monday, but it is likely your first day of work in 2015. At least it is for me.

I have mixed emotions... don't get me wrong- hanging out in my PJs for most of the day will be missed... but I am excited to see my little friends today.

But I will be missing those clearly...I'm conflicted.

I just am going to share what I will be using to get me and my littles back into action this week.

snowman book crayons and whimsy
The contents of this puppy will be my main focus for the week...meaning, I don't have to search around - it is all there for me in one place as I slowly am able to get back in the crazy and fun routine of kindergarten.

It is 4 language arts and 4 math activities rolled into one little unit!
Language Arts:
*The Snowman Emergent Reader
*Winter Word Practice
*Winter Stories
*Brrr! Sight Word Game

*Winter Counting {practicing teen numbers}
*Button Sorting
*Button Equations {addition to 10}
*Snowman Subtraction

Here is a glimpse at the reader:
Snowman book Crayons and Whimsy
It is 14 pages long and covers 11 colors. You can use all 14 pages or just a few. I like to make these types of books different lengths for different groups of kids.

This book will be something that they color and "be a word detective" {searching for sight words} independently. I have no problem differentiating when the little ones are at the reading table with me... or even when working with other adults. I find it is hardest to differentiate their independent time and the length will help me out with this.

I won't show you can click HERE to see the whole preview, but I want to share just ONE more thing from this unit....

Button Sorting mats in color or black and white...with 2 categories or 3..... Some are ever pre-programmed and tell the student what to sort by:
Crayons and Whimsy Snowman Button Sorting

Crayons and Whimsy Snowman Button Sorting

Crayons and Whimsy Snowman Button Sorting

And if you are thinking....hmm, it would be nice to win that unit....well, let me help you out.

I am giving away a copy over at my friend- and fellow Primary Powers author- Aimee at Primarily Speaking.

She's celebrating her blog makeover and giving away lots and lots of goodies.

So on that note I will leave you... I hope we all make it to Friday.

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