Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fill It up with 100...

The 100th Day of school is coming up... like this week. Yikes!   I am preparing my goodies a bit late, and with that, a quick idea came to mind.

So, here is the deal.  You get a gumball machine and you fill it up with 100 {whatever you wish to draw, create, glue, or make}fun things.

I am hoping to create a bulletin board with my students creations.  I may even send it home. My kids LOVE home projects, and since our schedule is super tight, well, that may just work out perfectly.

I am hoping you can use this idea and have your kids create something fun!

Let me show you some ideas...
      100 Smiley Faces -          Numbers 1-100  -          100 Gumballs!

      100 Play dough Balls                     -               100 Black Beans

Simple and fun. Grab your copy of the gumball machine HERE.

What would fill up you gumball with?

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