Sunday, January 11, 2015

Animals in Winter

Sneezing.  Itchy eyes.  Scratchy throat.  Runny nose.

You guessed it --- I've been cleaning!


I've been going through our basement trying to get it cleared out and ready to be remodeled by my lovely hubby and I am allergic to dust.  I always tell my husband that I'm allergic to cleaning, but he doesn't believe me.  It's the truth!

So now I'm taking a little break and stopping by here to tell you about one of my favorite units we are doing in my classroom right now - Animals in Winter.  It's pretty cold up here in my neck of the woods right now.  We had a couple days last week with -20 degree wind chills.  You know when it's so cold your face hurts...

So I just figure if it has to be sooooo cold outside, we might as well have a little fun with winter inside.    Here is a quick overview of what this unit looks like and if you stick around till the end you will find a little freebie too :)  

 First up in this unit is an Informational Mini-Book for shared reading.  There is a color copy for you to use as the teacher and a black and white copy to make for students to have their own.  I packed in a ton of important information in this book so your kiddos will be learning a lot.  Good time for an impromptu observation by your principal.  
Here's what it looks like in action:

Speaking of being observed. . . I'm sure your principals like to see the Common Core standards in action. So I included a bunch of practice to hit those reading for information standards.  You're welcome!

Included in those standards is learning new vocabulary, so that's in there too.  There's pieces to use when teaching the vocabulary and then a student book to fill in.  

Next up - writing.
There's papers for your students to write about what they learned and make their own book.  There's also templates for a class book about what kind of animal your kids would want to be in the winter and why.  

I also wrote a little fact filled song called Winter's Here.  

Finally, I included some center activities and printables to complete this thematic unit.   

Even if you are in a place where the air doesn't hurt your face, I hope you will find this a useful unit too.  Click on the cover below to check it out on TpT.  

And as I promised - here is a little sampler freebie for you.  To grab this freebie, just click on the picture below.

Thanks for stopping by and joining me for a little cleaning break.  
See you soon!!!

First Grade Smiles     

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  1. LOVE this! Great job on the books. My students always enjoyed these activities where they can engage with books with a purpose.

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