Monday, April 6, 2015

One-Step Card Sorting Tip

When I was little, we used to "play" 52 Card Pick Up
While we don’t play that game in my classroom, sometimes I think my students are inadvertently trying to bring out the same organizations skills in me that were once developed by the “game.”
Seeing as I prefer to spend my time crafting beautiful lessons (and not sorting through 12 decks of cards), I’ve come up with an organizational tip that takes moments to prepare, and saves you lifetimes of stress and annoyance from sorting cards…

This shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to do 12 decks of cards, and you can get a parent volunteer to do it. Just run the marker along the edge of the cards on both ends of the deck. Just like sanding wood, go with the ‘grain’ of the card. Run along the edges not across the deck.

I chose Scentos for this project. I tried other marker brands and the marker leaked onto the faces of the cards. You can also do different color combos.

Check out how easy it is to find the mismatched card!

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  1. I had done this for my Everyday Math cards and they still would get mixed up. BUT I had some wonderful helpers/students who asked to sort them for me and they could easily do so! Tip - stick to 1-2 colors and make the coloring at the top thick. I tried 3 stripes and it could get confusing. :)

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