Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fun Math Games!

Need a few new math games? Keep reading - I've got lots of freebies to share today!

Our district uses Everyday Math...and it's tricky! My biggest frustration is that kids rarely get a chance to learn and practice a skill completely before they're asked to move onto a new concept! 

I've made a bunch of games to reinforce the basic addition and subtraction skills! 
First up is Addition Hunt!
To make, I simply printed out the colored cards {b&w are included} and taped them up around the room. They walked around the room searching for the problems to write in the corresponding box. It is a great way to work on skills and get some energy out! 
addition freebieaddition gameaddition game
addition game freebie
They LOVED it and begged for a Subtraction Hunt, too!
Subtraction Hunt Math Mania Freebie Lucky to Be in FirstSubtraction Hunt Math Mania Freebie Lucky to Be in First
Another fun game we play is Connect Four!
Many kids are already familiar with the concept of the board game, so they were excited to play the math version! To liven it up, I simply printed the game onto bright paper. One of these days I plan to laminate the gameboard! 
I've included an addition and subtraction version for you to use! 
For subtraction, I wrote numbers the numbers (5-10) onto blank dice so the numbers would be big enough to subtract! You can buy blank dice {here} or pick up blank foam cubes at the dollar store! 

I also introduced Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' to the kids. To play, students take turns rolling two dice and adding the numbers.  They cross out the sum. The player to cross out the final number is the winner!
addition game freebie
Again, I'll probably copy this game board onto bright colored paper to make it a little more exciting and laminate so the kids can use dry erase markers instead! 

Another of my favorite games is Numbers Undercover and Doubles Undercover.  We play this game A LOT during math time to work on those addition skills! I've even it home for homework, too! 
Want all of these games? 
As I've mentioned before, our math program is so goofy that some lessons are short and some take forever.  Some concepts are easily grasped by kids and some take a bit more time to master.  So, I love to have a stockpile of games for kids to play as they're finishing up their work! You can read more about my Math Games Galore {here} and score a couple more freebies there, too! 

Hope you can use all these games! 


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  2. I am interested in printing the connect four game. How do I do so?