Saturday, April 11, 2015

MobyMax Giveaway!

It's right about that time that teachers begin to freak out and think, "Did I teach my kids enough for the TEST?" For many of us, testing doesn't begin until third grade {or higher} Unfortunately, the reality is that we all need to be thinking about it...even in the younger grades! 

With the added rigor of the Common Core, there are many skills to cover, making it extremely necessary to fill every single minute of instruction! Recently, I was asked to check out MobyMax and it was a perfect way to sneak some common core into my computer time! 

What is MobyMax?
MobyMax is a web-based enrichment tool that covers math, vocabulary, grammar, and reading! MobyMax is tailored to meet student's individual needs.  Using placement tests, targeted lessons and systematic review sessions, MobyMax enriches the classroom lessons.

After logging into MobyMax, you can roster all of your students. To help get you started, they've created a quick and easy tutorial to get you started. Once you've completed it, off your kids go on the pre-test!

How Does it Work? 
Once they've taken the pre-test, MobyMax accurately identifies where students excel, and where skills are missing, according to the Common Core Standards.  From there, targeted lessons are presented to the child to fill in those missing skills.

What's It Look Like For the Students? 
Here's a peek at the opening screen for a student. They have a choice in where they head.

However, wherever they go, the lessons are well thought out!

MobyMax lessons are in a sequential order - from basic to more complex, so students can't simply pop around from lesson to lesson! If a student can't master basic addition and subtraction...MobyMax won't let them go any further until they've learned it!

Here's what greets a student when they open up a skill. It lays out what they'll be working on in the next set of lessons.
When starting a new lesson, MobyMax states what the student will learn. 
MobyMax will actually read aloud the questions {which is great in the younger grades as we're still trying to master our reading skills!}
Two highly motivating features in MobyMax are Game Time & Badges. 
The more students practice their skills, the more game time is earned. 
 Once students answer 50 questions/problems correctly, they earn a badge!
If a student {or parent logging in from home} would like to monitor their own progress, here's what they can see.  
They can also take a look at what dates they practiced {and for how long!}
What's It Look Like For the Teacher? 
I have not even begun to scratch the surface of what's available in this program! However, here's a peek at what a teacher sees upon logging in.
There are TONS of reports to see where kids are, what they're struggling with, how often they've logged in, etc.
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