Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mother's Day is on its way!

I have a special reason why I wanted to post about Mother's Day today.  Yesterday I announced on my blog that my husband and I are expecting our 3rd child this October.  We are very excited and so are my two daughters!  I shared some pictures on how we decided to reveal the big news to them.  Such great memories!!!  

I saw this cute quote and wanted to share!  I guess my heart will be walking around all over the place =)

I also found this top ten list (I'm a sucker for a top ten list about anything) and it made me think of my own mom and how I can only hope to be as wonderful to my own kids as she was to us.  

So in honor of this next step in my life, I wanted to take some time to talk about Mother's Day and share some of what I do in my classroom for this special holiday.   I made this little pack last year and I just LOVED how it all came out with my kids.  They had so much fun making these things for their moms (or for some of them grandmas, aunts, or whomever) and I had a lot of moms share how much they loved reading them.  

This pack includes this craftivity where the flowers flip up for students to write.


The pictures are a little blurry so here is what my kiddos wrote:
I love you because...
*We make Tie Dye together
*You take me to Denny's
*You cuddle with me
*You love me no matter what

There is also a flower shaped gift book with 3 different versions.

*After I go to bed my mom always tweets on Facebook.

*My mom loves when I change my sister.
*My mom does not like to do laundry.
*My mom is the best at cleaning.
*The best thing my mom cooks is bacon - Yay!  (Haha!)

*My mom loves when I give her breakfast in bed.
*My mom spends lots of time texting.
*My mom does not like when I spill my drink in the car.
*My mom's favorite thing to do on the weekend is to sit around the house.

And finally, there are some printables included too.

I love my mom more than I love...
*video games (that's saying a lot for some kids)
*my toys, because my mom gave birth to me.
*cousin Amy because she doesn't let me do anything.
*cookies because I love my mom and cookies, but I love my mom more.  

You can find this pack in my TpT Store by clicking HERE.  

It is also bundled together with my Father's Day pack

In this money saving bundle:

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have fun creating Mother's Day gifts with your students.  My oldest daughter is in kindergarten this year and I cannot wait to see what she comes home with this year.  

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