Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fiesta Fun: Ideas for Cinco de Mayo and a FREE Math Mini Book

Hola!  It's Amber from School Is a Happy Place.  I'd like to share a few ideas for Cinco de Mayo learning in the primary classroom.
One quick and cute activity to use with your young learners is to make a paper sombrero.  To make them, I sketched a quick one out and copied it on construction paper.  The kids decorated them and attached them to sentence strips that fit around their heads.  You can even have them write their spelling words (or something of the sort) on the back, if you want your project to serve double duty.

Here are a couple of books I'll be using for read aloud:  Cinco de Mouse-O! by Judy Cox and Chicks and Salsa by Aaron Reynolds.

Both of these books are really fun for this time of year and provide jumping off points for some discussion of Cinco de Mayo and some Mexican traditions.

I love working with word problems using holiday themed math mini books.  Next week, we'll use our Cinco de Mayo math mini book.  This mini book reviews calendar skills, time, graphing, double digit addition/subtraction, fractions, and more.
You can have a FREE copy of Celebrate Cinco de Mayo:  A Math Mini Book by clicking on the picture below.

Tuesday will be May 5th.  I hope I've started your wheels turning about how you can fit a little Cinco de Mayo learning into your class.
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  1. I love your sombreros! Also, love the weekly themed math workbooks you do - I bet the kids LOVE them, too!