Saturday, February 7, 2015

Valentines from the Teacher

Hi everyone! It's Angela from Hippo Hooray for Second Grade! Valentine's Day is just a week away. Do you celebrate Valentine's Day in your class? In my class, we have a Healthy Heart Party, where we snack on healthy foods. They'll be getting enough candy and sugar from their classmates, so I don't need to add fuel to the fire!  We also watch a short movie, and during the movie, I let my kiddos pass out their valentines. Once they're all passed out, they can eat two of their sweet treats, and they take the rest home.

 Do you know what you're giving your classroom sweeties yet? If not, I have an easy, FREE idea that your kiddos will LOVE!
Oh I remember the squeals and the "are you kidding?" comments I got last year when they discovered these gems in their valentines boxes! They're super simple to make: I just printed these onto white copy paper, cut apart, and glued them onto pink card stock. Then I signed my name at the bottom. No Homework Passes are WAY cooler than heart pencils!

If you'd like to use these this year, click here to grab a free copy.

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day in your classroom?

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  1. Perfect! The passes finished out the little gift bags I have for my kids- heart crazy straws, heart erasers, Valentine Book Marks which are also mini rulers. Thanks so much!