Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Read Across America!

Hi friends!
It's Sarah from A Sunny Day in First Grade. :)

Read Across America Week is coming up!  
Last year (and this year!) we did a school-wide theme for each day of the week.
It was SO MUCH fun!!!
I thought I'd share some ideas with you!

Monday was Crazy Hair or Hat Day!

Each of the kids also got a little punch card this week.
For every book they read, they got a number punched!
20 means a PRIZE!
Guess how many read 20 books. ;)

Tuesday we wore red, black, and white.
We made Cat in the Hat hats.
We made Thing 1 & 2 (and 3 and 4 and 5!)
I had the kids do their classroom number as their Thing number. 

Wacky Wednesday.
BOY was it wacky!
We started the day by writing under our desks.
WHAT?!  The kids couldn't believe I was asking them to do that.
After that, they wanted to do everything under their desks.
Including eating their snacks.
I should have known! ;) 

 Our clip chart was upside down too.
So when the kids were good I had to say, "Move your clip down!" instead of up.
They thought it was the funniest thing ever!!!

Thursday was Crazy Sock Day.
We designed our own socks.

We also did a 10 Apples Up On Top activity.
They wrote facts of 10 on the apples.

Friday was Pajama Day.
And we made Oobleck!
Just kidding, HA!
It was messy, but LOTS of fun!!!
We also graphed colored fish. :)

It was so much fun!
I hope I gave you some new ideas! :)
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love all of the ideas!!!! Where did you get your Cat in the Hat headband? It is so cute!!!!

    1. Thanks Christi!!! I got it at Party City last year! :)


  2. Love these ideas! Did you make the punch cards or were they from something I could purchase?