Friday, February 6, 2015

Don't Bother Me Hat!

Hey Everyone!
So excited to be back again with this fun idea! I don't know about everyone else but our school is in full assessment mode these days and it has been a little crazy!

Here is a simple trick I use when I need to do some one-on-one in my classroom.
It's super easy... And... All you need is a funky hat (the funkier the better, I say)!

I call it my Don't Bother Me Hat! 
In short, I put this baby on every time I need minimal interruptions from the kiddies.

The students quickly learn (with some training), that when the hat is on, they can only ask me a question or come see me if it is an emergency.

Of course, it is important to make sure that the kiddies are completing work that you know they can do independently. If not, this little trick won't be much help!

Once they are "trained" (it takes a few tries) all I have to do is point to the hat as they approach and they get a silent reminder that it is not the right time to ask a question. No need to speak and interrupt the student who is reading to you. I. LOVE. IT.

This has helped me so much during assessments. The minimal interruptions ensure that I get my evaluations done in a timely manner and also help the student in question perform better as he/she is not getting distracted or interrupted. 

Hope this little trick comes in handy in YOUR classroom!

Until next time...

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