Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer Fun with Chalk Paint

Hey friends! It's me, Amanda from Mrs. Richardson's Class!

If summer hasn't arrived for you, it will arrive soon I hope! Here in Texas our school's are already on summer vacation and the heat is in FULL force!

A few years ago I shared one of my favorite activities to do at the end of the year with my students--CHALK PAINT!

I LOVE chalk paint.  I always do this at the end of each year and here is why, sweet friends!

If you are already out of school, you can easily do this at home with your little ones! It will keep them busy for a while and you can sit and relax for a bit! Trust me, I know that sometimes being at home with your own kids can be just as exhausting as the classroom! 

Need some ideas of how to use it in the classroom?  This is how I tied it to something educational every year!

And of course you can write about ANYTHING! Here is a How To FREEBIE so your students can write about how they made the chalk paint!

Click the image above to grab it! 

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