Monday, October 27, 2014

Angela {The Daily Alphabet}

Hey guys and dolls, how's it going?
I'm Angela from The Daily Alphabet.
The Daily Alphabet
I'm so excited to be a part of this amazing group of bloggers, that I just get chills thinking about it!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.
This is my 7th year of teaching, 4th in Kindergarten. 
My first three years of teaching were in 1st grade, 
at the same school. 
I thought that I was going to miss 1st grade when I switched, and I still do sometimes, 
but my heart belongs in Kindergarten, so I'm here to stay!!
I LOVE to read books, I'm slightly addicted to them,
and I also play the piano.
Although I like to do crafts, I'm not that crafty, I just like to pretend that I am!!
Ok, the snapshot kind of says it all, I can hear a lot of things, 
especially whispering, and I LOVE mini Babybel cheese!
Well, actually, I love any kind of cheese, with the exception of blue cheese!
I'm so glad that you came by to meet me today, and that I got a chance to chat with you!
Here is a freebie just for you! It's all about word families,
 and it provides a great opportunity for students to practice! I hope you enjoy!
Click on the picture below for your copy!