Monday, March 23, 2015

Area and Perimeter With Cheez-Its!

Hello friends! It's Aris from Sailing into Second

Last month, we worked on identifying area and perimeter in math. So, I thought a fun activity to wrap up our unit could be this Cheez-It activity I saw on Pinterest. I modified it a tiny bit for my kids but they definitely enjoyed it nonetheless. I mean, workbook activity vs. Cheez-Its?! My activity was the winner. :)
Area and Perimeter with Cheez-Its
Here's how to go about using these yummy crackers as part of your engaging math lesson! Give your students a handful of Cheez-Its...I gave each student a plastic bag with 25 Cheez-Its inside. Then have your kids create figures with the Cheez-Its. As they make a figure, they can draw it on some grid paper or on a napkin on their desks.
Area and Perimeter with Cheez-Its
Then have them identify the perimeter and area of each shape. How easy is that?!
Area and Perimeter with Cheez-Its
I let my kids eat the little snack after work is complete. I bought a Costco pack for my class of 25 and had half a bag left over! You could easily buy 2 boxes at the grocery and it would work just fine!
What are some fun ways you teach area and perimeter? I'd love to hear more!

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  1. Thanks for the freebie Aris. I am teaching area and perimeter for the first time and I know they are going to love this!
    My Second Sense