Friday, May 29, 2015

Recycling 2.0

I never win classroom competitions.

Sadly~ ever.

I once tried to save box tops for a year+ and asked (nay begged, badgered, demanded) all of my family member, friends, and even not-so-friends to save them with me.

That was the year that we didn’t have a competition… first in the history of the school. What?!

No pizza party for my students.

No ice cream afternoon with sprinkles and a movie!

*sad face*

But that’s all about to change; we have a recycling trophy! Can you believe that my school hasn’t recycled… ever. “Hello 21st century, we are the slow pokes that throw away paper- in the garbage!” We may as well forego other recent inventions electricity and plumbing, too!


Back to me winning. I have a bit of a competitive streak. I actually won’t play cards at the in-law’s holiday parties. WON’T.

So when it comes to something I have a shot at—like a recycling trophy—I’m all in!

I have devised a plan. First watch the recycling bin like a beefy bouncer at the hottest nightclub in the biggest coolest city. That was okay for about .5 seconds until I realized I teach 6 year-olds. They can’t go for more than .6 seconds without me which is both charming and totally-um…. you know… not-so-charming.

So I devised a NEW PLAN! This is actually working!

One very hot, humid, almost 100 degree mid-August day, I very delicately crafted a designer-quality cover for my recycling bin. Okay, I made 2 cardboard flaps. The flaps are for the custodial staff; when you flip the can, the flaps stay attached and the stuff comes out. You know, like flaps do.

But when the flaps are closed, they make a small rectangular slit that only allows paper-like substances to go through! I was inspired by the public-friendly version at the airport. You know the kind- round for cans, rectangle for paper.

To top it off (literally), I added pictures of things that are allowed and not allowed.

So far, not a single used tissue, not one string cheese wrapper, not even a snack baggie has gone into our recycle bin!!!

Recycling award~ HERE I COME!

However, the competition is both rigged (each class gets the darn award for a week), and canceled (because apparently we know how to recycle well enough now).

Oh well… happy very early Earth Day!
At least the environment wins!

Happy Recycling!

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  1. So smart! I need to make flaps for my recycling bin. No matter how much talking and modelling we did about garbage vs recycling, after lunch the bin was always full of granola bar wrappers and orange peels! It was getting so bad that I hid my recycling bin under my desk and only brought it out when we did cutting activities. This might work!

    First Grade Garden

    P.S. Sorry you didn't win the trophy! Maybe they will think of something else! ;)