Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Volunteer Gift Ideas and FREEBIE Thank You Tags!

 With the school year winding down for many of us, it's time to start thinking of ways to THANK your classroom volunteers for helping to make it such a great year. Maybe you are looking for some fresh gift-giving ideas. If so, I'm pretty sure this post is one you will enjoy!

Hi there friends! 
It's Jeannine from Creative Lesson Cafe.

I'm here today to share ideas for some fun, thoughtful and EASY gifts your volunteers will really appreciate (and a little FREEBIE too). 

If there is one thing I am good at... it's shopping! :) 
I've been on the hunt for my own special gifts that won't cost a bundle, but something my volunteers will really LOVE. Mostly, I just think about what I would like and hope they will too!!!

I visited Target, Hallmark, Walmart and Bath and Body Works for ideas. Take a peek at the rest of these finds, then read on to see how they might just be the PERFECT gifts!

After searching around on Pinterest and other places, I found some really cute themes for volunteer appreciation. 

Here they are... with a few gift ideas for each one:

  • Burt's Bees Products
  • Bee Household Items
  • Bigby Gift Card
  • Anything with Honey
  • Flowers

  • Garden Gloves
  • Hand Lotion
  • Hand Soap
  • Gift Certificate for a Manicure
  • Nail Polish
  • Candy
  • Baked Goods
  • Gift Card: Dairy Queen or Orange Leaf
  • Sweet Fragrance Items
  • Cookie Bouquet
  • Sweet Tea

  • Stationery Set
  • Personalized Notepad
  • Blank Cards
  • Pencil/Pen Set
  • Recipe Cards and Box
  • Planner
  • Plant/ Hanging Basket
  • Vase
  • Garden Tools/ Planting Kit
  • Flower Sugar Cookie
  • Floral Themed Household Items
  • Bouquet
  • Flower Jewelry
  • Floral Patterned Scarf
  • Lemonade/Drink Mixes
  • Tumbler
  • Fruity Lip Balm
  • Citrus Candle 
  • Facial Mask
  • Cooling Eye Mask
  • Cutting Board/ Bar Items
  • Sangria Mix
  • Mug
  • Starbucks Card
  • Specialty Coffee Beans
  • Cold Coffee Drinks
  • Candle
  • Body Lotion
  • Room Spray
  • Body Spray
  • Shower Gel
  • Diffusers
  • Wallflowers
  • Pitcher
  • Beverage Mixes
  • Outdoor Tableware
  • Picnic Items
  • Mason Jar Beverage Dispenser

No matter what your budget is... I bet your parent helpers would be thrilled to get any of these gifts! Some of these suggestions might even be great for your teaching partners as an end-of-the-year present.

No gift would be complete without a cute little TAG, so I made these Volunteer Thank You Gift Tags to share with all of you! They include each of the themes listed above.

Sometimes, we have MANY volunteers to thank like at a volunteer tea or luncheon. These black and white tags may be just what you need for an occasion like that! They can be copied on Astrobright paper or cardstock.

You can get cutesy and tie them on with a ribbon or just tape them on your gift or gift bag.

THANKS to all of YOU for joining me for this post at Primary Powers today.

Click {here} to download the freebie tags.
 Hope you like them!

For more ideas, including some REALLY inexpensive  ones, check out my Pinterest Board.

Feel free to Pin away here too and SAVE these ideas for when you need them!

Have a great finish to the school year everyone!


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